Recycled Content

Our recycled content material is composed of 30-50% post-consumer polymer content, creating demand for recycled polymers and a fitting pathway towards circular economy objectives.

Environmental features

CP Recycled30 and CP Recycled50 represent packaging material with purpose, placing sustainability on par with material quality and technical performance.

  • Fully recyclable
  • Contains 30-50% recycled post-consumer waste
  • Recycled polymers
  • Utilisation of established waste/recycling infrastructure

Production features

CP Recycled30 and CP Recycled50 are produced through a blown coextrusion process, blending ratios of recycled polymer with virgin polymers to ensure material performance and integrity.

  • High clarity material
  • High gloss material
  • 25-120mu range
  • Excellent machinability and printability
  • Proactively supports circular economy objectives

Product applications

CP Recycled supports a wide range of flexible packaging applications such as flow wrap, vertical form fill and pre-made bags.

Our main focus is secondary or non-food packaging applications to expedite speed to market and integrate with existing waste and recycling infrastructure.

  • Pre-made bags
  • Mailing products and mailing wrap
  • Shrink hoods
  • Toilet and tissue paper wrap
  • Covers and sheeting
  • Nappy wrap