BOPE is high quality single source recyclable packaging, supporting waste stream effectiveness and circular economy objectives.

Environmental features

BOPE is 100% recyclable LDPE, allowing placement back into recycling streams for reuse and repurposing.

  • Fully recyclable
  • Weight/yield reduction opportunities through downgauging
  • Viable replacement for traditional materials (PET, OPP, CPP) to support mono-structure applications
  • ‘Clean’ waste outputs enabling easy reuse and recycling

Product features

BOPE is a tenter frame extrusion, enabling simple and full recyclability of flexible packaging when working in isolation or in combination with other PE materials.

Tenter frame production creates a thin bi-directional stretched polyethylene film with excellent mechanical properties.

CPDL (Lamination)

  • High clarity, gloss, stiffness levels
  • Enhanced heat resistance compared to blown PE
  • Excellent printability
  • Opportunities to increase yield and reduce weight through downgauging
  • Effective abuse layer
  • Low tear strength enabling easy controlled directional opening

CPDLS (BOPE with Sealing Layer)

  • Robust sealing performance with broad processing window
  • Minimal machine configurations required when processing with other materials
  • Enhanced resistance to heat compared to blown PE solutions, supporting conventional machine speeds

Product applications

Working in isolation (CPDLS) or with other suitable substrates (CPDL), BOPE offsets mixed material combinations which are less broadly recycled.

BOPE’s technical characteristics enable transition to mono-material packaging solutions that offer high concentration substrate for recycling simplicity.


Supports a wide range of flexible packaging applications such as flow wrap, vertical form fill and pre-made bags (working in combination with other substrates with or without barrier).

  • Quad style packaging (e.g. pet food)
  • Pouches (e.g. soups, sauces, nuts)
  • Flow wrap and vertical form fill
    (e.g. rice, pasta, snacks, coffee, bread wrap)
  • Liquid packaging applications
    (abuse layer replacing BOPA)

CPDLS (Sealing Layer)

Suitable alternative to BOPP or CPP for non-barrier applications.

  • Fresh produce
  • Frozen foods
  • Industrial applications

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