Mission and values

Our range of materials and packaging solutions protects, preserves and extends product life while maximising its value to the circular economy.

Our mission

“Play our part in the global imperative to reduce waste by supporting the practical implementation of narrowing material portfolios and maximising the opportunity to reduce, recycle and reuse.”

We do this through collaboration with leading industry manufacturers, leveraging existing solutions and technology to help:

  • Utilise plastic feedstocks more intelligently
  • Provide insight, knowledge, materials and solutions to help meet the needs of a circular economy
  • Contribute to sustainability outcomes

Our values

  • Trade honestly with integrity and purpose
  • Conduct ethical business
  • Adopt a customer first approach
  • Support growth
  • Apply conventional thinking, with patience to get things right and transparency when things go wrong

Our core


We minimise the negative environmental impact of packaging.

‘Avoid, reduce, renew, recycle’ is central to our process, without compromising performance, protection, safety and functionality.


From a packaging perspective, our notion of innovation is ‘the process of translating an idea into a product that creates value for customers and the environment, with a continuing legacy beyond its primary objective’.

If you have an idea, we want to hear it so we can explore with you!

Research and development

We harness the best of what the global market has to offer to provide tailored quality solutions.

Working with our partners, we combine technologies to fit client needs and market demands.

We conduct independent lab analyses to support validation of material and product development.

Quality and safety

We are committed to safe and suitable packaging for direct food contact and undertake regular auditing of production partner facilities.

  • Review hygiene and food safety by certifying all production plants through BRC/IOP or equivalent
  • Manage all logistics through regulated suppliers, distribution channels and warehouses
  • Provide technical specifications, declarations of conformity and certifications for supplied products
  • Focus on certified materials