Multilayer Coextruded Film

Our multilayer coextruded films meet complex functional requirements and marketplace demands through cutting edge equipment combined with the latest polymer offerings.

Environmental features

CP Multilayer CoEx enables management of material composition and technical attributes alongside optimisation for end of life recyclability and reuse.

  • Fully recyclable
  • Viable replacement for conventional mixed laminate structures
  • Supports mono structure applications
  • Weight reductions through downgauging
  • Supports circular economy objectives

Production features

CP Multilayer CoEx is available in 5-,7-,9-,11-layer compositions across three core applications.

  • CP Multilayer CoEx: no barrier
  • CP Multilayer CoEx: barrier
  • CP Multilayer CoEx: high barrier

Multilayer extrusion supports full recyclability of flexible packaging when working in isolation or in combination with other materials.

Composition of requisite structures meet specific demands of modern day flexible packaging.

  • Strength and sealability
  • Barrier: moisture, vapour, gas, light/UV, flavour, odour, grease
  • Machinability: tensile strength, softening (Flex), slip (COF), rigidity and pliability, heat and puncture resistance
  • Printability
  • Substrates to meet brand requirements: clear, matt, coloured
  • Product safety

Product applications

Advanced polymer technology and material composition engineering enables management of sealing, surface and barrier/permeation properties in one substrate.

Substrates working in isolation or with other suitable substrates enable transition from traditional complex material combinations with less recyclability, supports downgauging and reduces the need for heavy layers.

CP Multilayer CoEx: no barrier
(5-7 layers)

Offers exceptional impact, tear strength and puncture resistance, perfect optical properties and good hot seal/tack properties.

  • Pouches, pre-made bags
  • Compression packaging
  • Shrink film
  • Milk bags (e.g. catering)

CP Multilayer CoEx: barrier
(7-9 layers)

Offers high barrier provided by EVOH-(PA)-Polyolefin composite layer, exceptional covering of black by white coloured layers, high UV blocking properties, and very good hot seal/tack properties.

  • Bag-in-box
  • Resealable packaging
  • Cereal film
  • Coffee
  • Soups and sauces
  • Pet foods

CP Multilayer CoEx: high barrier
(9-11 Layers)

Offers exceptional impact/tear strength and puncture resistance, high barrier provided by EVOH-(PA)-Polyolefin composite layer, and lamination properties with low seal initiation temperatures to maximise performance and form.

  • Lidding films
  • Dry and wet chemicals products
  • Cheese wrapping