Our compostable material products reduce CO2 greenhouse gas emissions between 30-70% over a full life cycle compared to conventional materials by replacing fossil-based resources with plant-based.

Environmental features

Made from plant-based resources and biologically sourced polymers such as potato starch, CP Compostable materials use certified BIOPLAST polymers that are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

  • Compostable at end of life
  • Home compostable
  • Suitable for collection of organic waste

Production features

CP Compostable is produced through a blown coextrusion process using BIOPLAST polymers.

  • Food contact certified
  • Certified for home/industrial composting and EN13432
  • GMO and plasticizer free
  • Printable
    (coverage limitations and pretreatment recommended)
  • Can be coloured with masterbatches

Product applications

CP Compostable supports a wide range of flexible packaging applications such as flow wrap, vertical form fill and pre-made bags, with limited compromise to material performance.

  • Short life packaging
  • Ultra-light single-use bags
    (e.g. fruit and vegetables)
  • Single-use bags
    (e.g. biowaste, garbage, bin-liners)
  • Multi-use bags
    (e.g. carrier and loop-handle bags)
  • Mailing products and mailing wrap
  • Agricultural films

Frequently asked questions