Bope Is A Better Product

BOPE film (TF-BOPE) use in packaging configurations is a step-change in how we use polyethylene (PE) for food packaging around the world. It’s exciting that BOPE and this generation of materials are both high performing and designed, with a circular mindset for better outcomes for our planet. But here I want to talk to the manufacturers. You can offer a far better product today to the brands you work with and the downsides are minimal (if any – but hey, we’re the makers!)

BOPE is a generational change in flexible packaging, the result of over a decade of research on the future of the packaging market.

It is a tenter frame extrusion and is fully recyclable in isolation or in combination with other PE materials. The tenter frame production creates a thin bi-directional stretched polyethylene film with excellent mechanical properties.


BOPE film

BOPE film (CPDLS) is an excellent replacement for BOPP and CPP for both flow wrap and VFFS products. It performs similarly to these traditional products but is more broadly recyclable. Film is best when you can’t see it of course, and this product has the best optical performance of anything we’ve had before. You can print directly onto the film surface or reverse to maximise visual impact and material performance. BOPE film is more resistant to heat, stiffer and clearer compared to traditional blown PE materials.



BOPE as a material component in mixed-material packaging (CPDL) offers a number of advantages over products without BOPE. I’ll break it down:

  • TF-manufacturing process and smart polymers support down-gauging up to 50%. Reduced weight-sealant webs with no impact on performance is a no brainer for our planet – reducing what we put into the world.
  • It’s web strength and flatness means it’s fast to laminate and form-fill seal.
    For the abuse layers in packaging its excellent mechanical properties and extreme puncture resistance means BOPA can be easily replaced.
  • It’s not only clearer than conventional blown PE, it is comparable in clarity to BOPP.


It’s already on shelves

We’ve seen some innovative and unexpected uses of BOPE since the material’s full commercial launch in 2018. CPDLS directly replacing BOPP in various fresh fruit and vegetable categories within UK grocery sector supports the narrowing of material portfolios to those more broadly recycled. CPDL being paired with multi-layer PE with barrier for flatbreads, mono structure, recyclable whilst extending product shelf life – truly created to support the circular economy!

After 20 years of working with materials and products for food packaging in many markets, I’m proud to say I have a product that will pass the pub test and I’ll put my name to. But I’m just one of the team behind Cyclpac’s BOPE.

Sing out today and I’m happy to work on your project with your team or get you a sample in the mail.


— Edward